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Open Your Pool In Spring

Winter is over and spring is finally here. For pool owners, warmer weather means it's time to open your pool for the season!

With just a little effort, you can be on your way to a clean, safe and healthy pool. Regardless of whether you own an above-ground or in-ground pool, the fundamentals for opening a pool are very similar. By following a few easy simple and you'll be perfecting your cannonball in no time!

Step 1: Clean up debris around the pool.

  • Before you open your pool, take some time to survey the area around your pool.

  • Trim overgrown trees and hedges.

  • Sweep away nearby leaves.

  • Check your pool surroundings for damage, wear, and tear and address any issues before you open your pool for the season.

  • Be sure to clean and repair any pool furniture so that it is safe for use.

  • You should check pool equipment like safety rails, slides, rescue equipment, ladders, and diving boards.

  • A big must is to check the Pool Fencing and gate are working well.

Step 2: Clean and remove the pool cover.

  • It's best to remove the extra water from the top of the cover before taking it off.

  • Sweep off or scoop away all leaves and other debris on the cover.

  • While removing the pool cover try to prevent any remaining debris or dirty water from falling into the pool as you remove the cover. If a bit of debris ends up in the pool, that’s OK.

  • Once the pool cover is off remove the rest of the debris and any remaining dirt, let it dry out fully and pack it away when it is dry.

Step 3: Inventory your pool chemicals as you'll want to have all of your chemicals ready to go before you start opening your pool.

Chemicals Checklist:

  1. A good test kit or test strips for checking your pool's water chemistry

  2. Chlorine for daily sanitizing

  3. Shock treatment

  4. Chemicals for properly adjusting your pool's water balance

  5. Algaecide treatment

  6. Filter cleaner or other necessary problem-prevention products

Step 4: Inspect the pool, It's time to give your pool a good, pre-opening once-over.

  • Inspect the filter and pump for possible damaged or worn parts and replace them as necessary.

  • Check your tile and remove calcium buildup and stains with the appropriate swimming pool scale removal product.

  • Inspect the interior of your pool for damage and make repairs as needed.

Step 5: Fill the pool, remove debris, brush and vacuum.

  • Grab a garden hose and fill the pool until the water level reaches the midpoint of the waterline (middle of the skimmer opening).

  • When the water level is where it needs to be, clean leaves, twigs and debris from the pool's bottom by using a pool brush.

  • Bush down all the walls.

  • Be sure to remove any debris from the basket.

Step 6: Turn on the pool filter and test the water.

  • Turn on the filter and run it for 12 to 24 hours to circulate the water before testing or adding chemicals. NOTE: Remember to use new testing strips and not expired ones.

  • Continue to run the filter for a few days, vacuuming out any debris that has settled.

The team at Rockingham Pool & Spa Solutions recommended having your water tested professionally when opening your pool and once monthly throughout the season.

When the water is clear and the chlorine levels have come down, your pool is ready for swimming!

Enjoy your pool!


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