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Swim Spa Aqua Fitness

Did you know the swim spa was originally designed for swimming in place! While swimming is a great exercise and has many health benefits, not everyone is into it. So the swim spa has evolved with aqua fitness in mind.

Aqua fitness is low-impact with many physical and mental health benefits for all ages. The water keeps you cool while you are exercising, even as your heart gets a great workout. You’ll probably be able to keep yourself going for a longer time than the same land based exercising. Aqua fitness is fun, gentle on your joints and muscles, reduces blood pressure and fatigue and relieves stress, plus the water feels relaxing all at the same time. A big plus is, you can set your own pace.

Using a swim spa to exercise is the perfect way to get a great workout, regardless of your age or fitness level. Exercising in water offers a range of benefits.

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Low impact

  • Increase calorie burn

  • Increase endurance

  • Increase strength

  • Increase flexibility

  • Aids rehabilitation

Aqua fitness exercises you can do in a swim spa to get a full-body workout. These exercises are just a small sample of the many exercises available to you if you own a swim spa.

Jog In-Place – A great warm up exercise that also works your quads. Simply run in place while making sure to bring your knees up as high as possible. To up the difficulty, turn on your swim current and set to a low setting. Jog against the current while trying not to be pushed backwards.

Backwards Jog In Place – Same as above except you will have your back to the jets. Research shows that walking or jogging in reverse actually engages more muscles than going forward. Keep the current very low at first, then build up the current as needed.

Tick-tock hop – Quickly jump from side to side while keeping your feet together. The more you bend your knees before jumping, the more you will get out of it. Try to keep it up for at least 1 minute without stopping at first then build up to 2 minutes.

Kickbacks – Grabbing onto the optional exercise bar, stand straight up facing the wall of the swim spa. Raise your right leg, squeezing your glute as you bring it close to the surface. When you reach the top of the motion hold for at least 10 seconds. Bring your right leg down, then repeat this motion with your left leg. This is one rep. Aim for 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.

Bicycle – Put your back against the side wall of the swim spa. Hold yourself up by extending your arms to either side and grabbing the top lip of the swim spa. Bring your legs up just under the surface of the water and move them in a circular motion. The motion should be the same as pedalling a bike. Keep pedalling for 1-2 minutes.

Flutter kick – Turn on your buoyancy jet, setting it to provide a light current capable of keeping your horizontal without too much effort on your part. Grab onto the steel bar. Flatten your body out along the surface of the water and start kicking your legs quickly. Keep it up for 2-3 minutes.

Steps – These can be done on either the entrance steps or on the specially built aqua fitness steps on either side of the swim jets. Step onto the step with your right foot, then your left. Once on the step with both feet, step down with your left foot then your right. Repeat, this time starting with your left foot. This is one rep. Do 2-3 sets of 10-20 reps, depending on your fitness level.

While traditional swimming pools can only be used for a few months out of the year, an Swim Spa gives you 24/7 pool access 365 days a year, no matter the weather. If you’re ready to take the plunge or have questions, head to Rockingham Pool & Spa Solutions showroom and talk to one of our experienced team members.


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