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Pool Robotic Cleaners

It's a hot day and you're about to cool off with a quick dip. There's just one problem, the pool is not sparkling clean and inviting, just like you envisioned it! Your options are to clean it yourself right now, or head to Rockingham Pool & Spa Solutions to buy an automatic pool cleaner like you have been thinking about, so it can do the job for you.

Being proactive about your pool cleaning doesn’t mean you have to work harder, it just means you need to work and think smarter. This is where an automatic pool cleaner can save your time.

There are 2 types of automatic pool cleaners out on the market;

  1. Robotic Pool Cleaners

  2. Suction Pool Cleaners

However they’re not all created equally. This blog post is going to look at the Robotic Pool Cleaners.

Robotic pool cleaners make short work out of what was once a much dreaded task. No one wants a dirty pool, but let’s face it pools don’t clean themselves and you must be proactive about pool maintenance for the health and well-being of your family. Pool robots will shorten your cleaning time so you can take advantage of a cool dip any time you want.

In today's technology driven world, many robotic pool cleaners are computer-controlled and automatically “learn” the most efficient way to clean your pool. Meaning they perform very efficiently, which save money on energy and chemicals compared to less intelligent units that rely on your pump’s circulation system.

Over-time robotic pool cleaners provide you significant energy savings due to the highly efficient motor and shorter cleaning time. The superior technology being used also means that your robotic pool cleaner will last for years to come if looked after.

To find the right robotic pool cleaner for you, there are 4 main questions you need to ask;

  1. What kind of pool do you have?

  2. Pool measurements and distance to power?

  3. How much cleaning do you want?

  4. What features on a pool cleaner are important to you?

The type of pool you have - Many robotic pool cleaners can tackle any kind of pool surface, however, some are made specifically for in-ground or above-ground pools. We also need to know if you have a vinyl, fiberglass or smooth tile pool.

Size does matter too - You’ll need a robotic pool cleaner that can reach all the way from one side to the other without you having to unplug it from one power source and plug it in somewhere else. So make sure you know your pool’s length, width and depth, as well as the distance from the power plug to your pool edge so we can work out how long of a cord you’ll need.

How much cleaning do you want - Depending on how much you use your pool, as well as your budget.

  • You may opt for a pool cleaner that only vacuums the pool floor which are often the simplest and cheapest.

  • Higher-end pool cleaning robots can clean the floor and part of the wall. They have rotating brushes and features that help them climb, so they’ll be more expensive but will be more efficient, cover more work and area for you.

  • The top-notch ones clean the floor, the entire wall, and the waterline. These are the most advanced and often have smart features that can be controlled via mobile apps.

What features are important to you - Ease of maintenance is the feature you should consider. If you’re new to buying pool cleaners, you may not know exactly what features you want yet, that’s okay too as the team of pool technicians at Rockingham Pool & Spa Solutions will be able to guide you through the process.

Maintenance of your pool cleaning robot

You have spent a few bucks on a new automatic pool cleaner and you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Unlike simple pool equipment such as brushes and nets, robotic pool cleaners need a little TLC to keep them functioning well. The best pool cleaning robot will keep going and going, so long as you follow the maintenance rules.

Some general tips to keep your pool cleaning robot running smoothly;

  • Remove the robot from the pool when done

  • Drain all the water from the cleaner when you take it out

  • Clean after each cycle - brushes, wheels of debris, empty and rinse the filters

  • Store out of direct sunlight and protect it from the elements

It may not sound like a lot of work to clean and put away in storage, but just keep in mind all the hours of cleaning time you’re saving. Giving you more time to enjoy a poolside drink and splash around with the kids.

Drop in your Pool Robotic Cleaner and sit back, while it does the work.


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